Semen Analysis

Instructions to be followed for Semen Analysis


The sample should be collected after a minimum of 3days and maximum of 5 days of sexual abstinence i.e. not having intercourse or ejaculation through masturbation. Longer or shorter period of abstinence gives wrong results.

The sample should not be collected soon after or during any illness eg. Fever or following any surgery. Avoid long journey OR stressful activity before coming for the test. Inform the concerned staff if on any medications, antibiotics etc.

The sample should be obtained by masturbation and ejaculated into a sterile, wide mouthed container provided to you at our center.

The semen sample needs to be complete and if here’s any SPILLAGE LOSS OF ANY FRACTION OF THE SAMPLE SHOULD BE INFORMED WITHOUT FAIL. If the sample is incomplete, a second sample should be collected, again after an abstinence period of 3 to 5 days.

If you are collecting the semen sample at home or outside the premises of aspire, please get the sample to the center within 1 hour.

Please bring HIV / HCV/HBsAG/VDRL of husbands and wife report(valid for 6 months only) while coming for collection.

Semen Analysis Brochure


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