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Dealing with IVF Failure

Dealing with IVF Failure

There is no doubt that going through IVF failure can be a harrowing experience. The pain of shattered dreams and built up hopes would still be pale in comparison to the feeling of helplessness experienced after going through weeks of medication and realizing that it was all for naught. In such a heightened emotional state, it would be difficult for any sane person to think objectively and in their best interests. To deal most effectively with failed IVF treatment, one would need to take a good amount of time to first move on from the pain of the failure. It is especially crucial that anger doesn’t fester over time. Blaming one factor or the other to explain away the failure can be very tempting as it provides a convenient outlet for your emotions, but in the end, neither is a resolution reached nor any viable solution found. It could then come to a point where you’re left feeling lost and unsure of how to continue, making it prudent to wait until the follow-up appointment to avoid drastic measures.

Follow-ups will be set up 6-8 weeks after failure, giving the patient time to recover physically as well as emotionally. The follow-up would involve analyzing the previous cycle to get a better understanding of what could have gone wrong so the subsequent IVF treatment cycle can be initiated with better preparation. New techniques and a deeper analysis can have quite the effect on a second IVF cycle. It is natural to have ignored any red flags through the cycle and subsequently, the probability of success, so a look back will help in making the necessary changes and increase chances of a successful pregnancy.

Sure, trying to look at the positives can be hard when trying to get over a failed cycle, but it certainly beats the alternative of losing all hope and alienating your loved ones. Looking back at your previous cycle and the things that can be worked on could give you the strength you need to soldier on and try again or at least regain normalcy in your daily life. Ultimately it is important to realize no matter how you choose to proceed, it will have a bearing on the rest of your lives. For that reason alone, it is a decision that must be taken after due consideration and a consultation with your doctor. Remember, there is life after IVF failure and it is important to find the strength to move on and lead a happy life.

One should always remember that with each attempt at IVF treatment, the probability of pregnancy is increased and hence trying till you get there is the most important factor. It’s important to discuss with the doctors at Aspire regarding strategies to be adopted in your future attempts of IVF.

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