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Tips for Travelling During Pregnancy

Tips for Travelling During Pregnancy

  1. Travelling during pregnancy is generally considered safe; especially during the second trimester (3rd – 6th month).
  2. Any long distance travel plans should be ideally made in consultation with your treating doctor.
  3. High risk pregnancies like an incompetent cervix, or low lying placenta or any episode of bleeding during pregnancy, risk of preterm labour, etc will limit any long distance travel plans.
  4. Long distance travel by road, rail or air have proven risk of blood clotting in the veins (Deep vein thrombosis or DVT) which can be very well avoided by following simple instructions after consulting with your doctor.
  5. Make sure that you stretch your legs or walk or alteast flex and extend your leg and foot a few times every half an hour.
  6. Make sure that you are adequately hydrated.
  7. During long distance car travel, take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and visit the toilet.
  8. Always wear a seatbelt. Fasten the lap sash across your lap and under your bump, fit the shoulder sash above your bump and between your breasts.
  9. Air travel in pregnancy is also generally considered safe until the 35th week of pregnancy.
  10. Beyond 35weeks, some airlines don’t allow pregnant women to board or ask for special note from your treating doctor.

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