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Precautions to be Taken in View of Covid 19 Pandemic

Avoid visiting the clinic if you have any of the below


Please have a TELEPHONIC CONSULTATION with doctor for further guidance.

  • Try and visit the clinic ALONE and only if necessary, get an accompanying person. STRICTLY AVOID GETTING CHILDREN during clinic visits.
  • Please avoid bringing articles like PHONES, BASKETS, HANDBAGS ETC that are not needed while visiting clinic. Try and carry only a CARD for payment transaction or make it prior hand ONLINE if possible.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with DOORS, DOOR KNOBS or any article at the clinic.
  • We encourage patients who have scans to get a piece of cloth always (either dupatta or shawl).
  • Always book an appointment and AVOID ‘WALK IN’since we have to make sure that the social distancing norms are well implemented at all times.
  • There may be DELAYS SOMETIME for ultrasound, consultations, blood tests etc as the cautionary measures that must be implemented have increased in view of the pandemic. Please do cooperate as this is for the safety of all.
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