What is NT scan?

Nuchal Translucency (NT) Scan in Pregnancy

It is a detailed ultrasound scan done at 11weeks-13weeks 6days of pregnancy. It is also known as Nuchal transluscency scan of first trimester anueploidy screening scan.

Ultrasound Scan Centres in Bangalore
Ultrasound Scan Centres in Bangalore
Ultrasound Scan Centres in Bangalore

Why is it done ?

It is done mainly to screen your baby for any markers suggestiwe of genetic diseases. The chromosomal problems that are screened for are Down´s syndrome, Patau´s syndrome and Edward´s syndrome. In addition to the markers for chromosomal diseases, a screening anatomical assessment of the baby´s head, brain, face, hands and legs, spine, heart, bladder, placenta, cerwix etc are also done in accordance with the weeks of gestation and wisibility.

Ultrasound Scan Centres in Bangalore
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Should I get it done ?

All pregnant women are at risk of carrying a baby with genetic or structural defects. It is preferable to get the scan done at the specific time period of pregnancy as many of the major structural defects and some of the genetic abnormalities in the baby can be ruled out to a great extent by this time.

NT scans at Aspire Fertility Centre


To avoid inconvenience to the patient we have charted an appointment system for all pregnancy scan from the time of NT scan. Kindly make sure you book your appointment well in advance (atleast 2 weeks before). Please stick on to the timings as fixed by the reception to avoid confusions.

Bladder should be semi-filled for a better scan visualisation, as the scan will be done through the tummy.

It may take about 15-20 min for each scan. You may be asked to return for a review later if the baby’s position at the time of scan is not optimal. Hence it is preferred that you take half a day off from work on the day of scan and carry some refreshments with you.

You will also have a blood test (double marker test) which will be collected after the scan is finished. This is the continuum of first trimester aneuploidy screening protocol. The report of the blood test will be available within 5-7 working days.

Consultations are done ideally after the blood reports are available. But in case of any issues you are welcome to meet the consultant.

We would prefer that the appointments date and time are not changed as we have put in much effort to make sure that all patients are accommodated and there is as little waiting time as possible.

We will confirm the appointment and timings a day prior, but in case you did not hear from us please confirm the appointment on previous day from our receptionist.

NT/NTD Scan Brochure


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