IVF Treatments (In Vitro Fertilization)

The whole IVF process can be divided into 3-4 steps

Investigations Prior to IVF

Investigations prior to IVF to make sure your general health is good.

IVF Stimulation

IVF stimulation

It would involve daily injections for a period ranging from 6-12 days.
Please visit the hospital for injection before 9:30 am in the morning.
Sundays the clinic is usually closed but for injections a nurse would be giving it at a particular time, so confirm with the reception regarding the time.

Ovum Pickup or egg Collection

Ovum pickup or egg collection

It is done under anaesthesia and would require you to come prepared for the same (doctor would explain the preparation involved) you need to be in the hospital for about half a day.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer

This would be the last step of the process usually we do ET in the noon after the outpatient. You need to keep your bladder full for the same since it’s done with full bladder. The results of IVF will be known approximately 12-15 days from transfer. It is advisable to refrain from physical or psychological strain during this period.

As you know inspite of the best efforts from your side and our side sometime we are faced with unsuccessful attempts. We suggest that you frequently speak to our counsellors and doctors and voice your doubts and be clear in your thoughts so we can reach the positive results as soon as possible

Usually one good transfer gives you a chance at pregnancy of 45-50% at Aspire and this becomes 60-70% at the end of 3-4 transfers. This probability of pregnancy can be higher in good prognosis patients and can be lower in poor prognosis patients. Doctor would advise you and give you an individualistic probability depending on your existing condition. If one does not reach a pregnancy in 3 ET there are advanced treatments/investigations to be considered like ERA, LAH, parental karyotyping etc., Which can be discussed with the Doctor.

IVF Treatment Brochure


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