IUI Treatment (Intra Uterine Insemination)

Here are few important points you need to remember when you are on IUI treatment

IUI or intrauterine insemination is a process where husbands sperms are put in the uterus of the wife to increase the chances of conception.
There are certain tests that are usually necessary prior to IUI like your infection screen, regular hormone assessment and the Fallopian tube test.
One IUI cycle gives you a probability of pregnancy varying from 12% to 25% dependent on various factors.
Usually if the chances of conception are not optimal the doctor would inform you.
We suggest that you should plan for 3 cycles of IUI once started since the probability of pregnancy keeps increasing with each cycle and by the end of 3 cycles the cumulative pregnancy rate is around 40% .
These 3 cycles of IUI can be done in 3 months or 6 months with break time between cycles of treatment.
Pregnancies which are achieved with IUI are usually achieved within 3 cycles hence we do not recommend >3-4 of IUI treatment cycles.
After 3 cycles of IUI treatment please discuss with the doctor about your further treatment / investigation.
IUI will require you to visit Aspire for 3-5 visits for monitoring of follicular growth and 2 days for IUI procedure.
At Aspire we do 2 IUIs in one cycle of treatment usually one before and one after your egg release. IUIs are done by doctors of Aspire. If you desire to get the IUI done by any particular doctor please feel free to inform in advance.
On the day of IUI you need to be available at Aspire for 3-4 hrs (enquire at reception for details).
Post IUI it is advisable to refrain from heavy work. You can go to office. You may choose to avoid exercise on the days of your IUI procedure.
Please note that rest post procedure till pregnancy test does not improve your chances of conception. We would always suggest you to continue your efforts at weight loss (If you have been asked to do that). Be physically active and take a nutritious diet.
Some women may notice some spotting or bleeding after IUI procedure which should not be a cause of concern.

IUI Treatment Brochure


Turn your dreams of parenthood into a reality by visiting Aspire Fertility Center where our highly experienced doctors and medical staff, will administer IUI treatment in a trustworthy environment aided by the latest medical technologies and empathetic and well-trained paramedics.

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