Blastocyst Culture

What is Blastocyst Culture?

Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst culture and transfer is a specific technique used during IVF to improve pregnancy rates and reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies. This technique involves allowing the fertilized embryo to develop for 4-5 days before introducing it into the womb. During this period the embryo has reached the blastocyst stage and has gained 100s of cells. These embryos which have survived for 4-5 days are more likely to produce successful results than the ones developed for just 2-3 days. Thus the doctors are in a position to select the more advanced embryos for implantation and successful pregnancy.

The main advantage of Blastocyst Culture and Transfer is that it reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies, since there are fewer (1-2) embryos to be transferred.

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What does Blastocyst Culture and Transfer Involve?

Blastocyst Culture and Transfer is an IVF technique which involves the culture of the fertilized egg in the dish for a few days (5-6 days) till it grows into the blastocyst stage which consists of hundreds of cells. Then, A soft transfer catheter is loaded with embryo(s) is inserted through the cervical canal and placed into the uterus. The blastocyst then binds to the uterus wall and grows into a fetus.
Expect Post Procedure

What to expect post-procedure?

Patients usually start progesterone medication after egg retrieval. Patients are also given estrogen medication in some cases after embryo transfer. Patients may be requested to lie down for a certain period of time after embryo transfer. Pregnancy testing is usually done 12 days after blastocyst transfer.

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What are the risks involved?

There are risks involved in the blastocyst transfer process. For one, the chances of giving birth to monochorionic twinning greater with the blastocyst transfer than with transferring a 2-3-day old embryo. While one may choose to implant only one embryo, the chances of it implanting successfully is just 50%. Also, not all embryos will survive for 5 days – usually half of them never make it – and there have been cases when none survived for 5 days resulting in the cancellation of the IVF cycle.

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How successful is IVF?

Blastocyst Culture and Transfer is a safe and successful procedure and yields 45%-50% pregnancy rates. Transferring at the blastocyst stage confers a significant increase in live birth rate per transfer.

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